Policy Context

Belgium’s international climate action is predominantly directed towards climate adaptation in LDCs, particularly on the African continent. It is undertaken mostly through grants rather than concessional loans, guarantees, or export credits.

Following national policies and Belgium’s prioritization of climate adaptation, agriculture is typically among the largest sectors of support. Belgium has also been a champion of funding for loss & damage, making one of the first bilateral pledges at COP27 of EUR3 million (US$3 million) in support for Mozambique.

An evaluation of Belgian’s international climate finance in 2021 found a significant need for further developing and integrating climate action within the Belgian Development Cooperation portfolio, as well as further coordination of Belgian development operators involved in climate action.

Belgian NGOs have called for Belgium to reach EUR500 million (US$526 million) annually in climate funding to fulfill Belgium's "fair share" of the international US$100 billion climate finance commitment. However, the Belgian government has so far committed to EUR135 million (US$142 million) in climate funding annually from 2022.

ODA Spending

How much ODA does Belgium allocate to climate projects?

In 2021, Belgium allocated a total of US$270 million to climate funding, including principal and significant funding. This represented 23% of bilateral allocable ODA in 2021, just below the DAC average of 24%. In 2021, Belgium ranked 16th among DAC donors for its total climate funding, as well as its climate funding as a percentage of bilateral ODA.

Belgium’s climate-related ODA fluctuated throughout 2017-2020 between US$300 million and US$363 million, representing around 32-36% of bilateral allocable ODA. However, this decreased to US$270 million in 2021, representing only 23% of bilateral allocable ODA.

In 2021, Belgium spent US$244 million on climate adaptation, of which US$139 million was cross-cutting projects related to both climate adaptation and mitigation.

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