At a glance
Strategic priorities
  • Germany frames its development policy under an overarching narrative of “fighting the root causes of displacement”, with a focus on the Middle-East and North Africa. 
  • During its group of 20 (G20) presidency in 2017, Germany demonstrated strong leadership on global health (including health on the G20 agenda for the first time.
  • Germany has a strong focus on Africa. At the end of 2016, BMZ presented a ‘Marshall Plan with Africa’ and during Germany’s G20 presidency in 2017, the Federal Ministry of Finance launched the ‘Compacts with Africa’ initiative, aimed at stimulating private investments in Africa and supporting African countries that implement good governance reforms.

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  • The ‘Marshall Plan with Africa’ and the ‘Compacts with Africa’ initiatives lead to increased ODA to African countries that show openness to implementing good governance reforms. The focus on Africa is confirmed in the current government’s coalition agreement for the 2017 to 2021 legislative term.
  • Displacement and migration are likely to remain key focus areas of Germany’s development cooperation, with a geographic focus on the Middle East (in particular Syria and its neighboring countries), North Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa. Agriculture and nutrition security (in the context of poverty eradication), as well as climate change, are likely to remain further key priorities.
  • In 2019, the German Federal Foreign Office will launch the federal government’s updated guidelines on Africa policy, and the Federal Ministry of Health will publish Germany’s new cross-ministerial global health strategy. Both strategies will have an influence on Germany’s development policy